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KB Consulting is a software development organization with profoundly talented IT specialists providing result-oriented and cost-effective solutions all over the world. This trust has been earned by being one of the most commendable IT outsourcing companies among driving business houses and institutionalizing associations. In order to succeed, we believe in nurturing a culture that elevates better technology and it starts with empowering ourselves to enhance the experiences of our clientele.

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Core ValuesOur Expertise


We strive to understand our client’s business goals first. Then all decisions are made with those goals in mind.


Team Mantra- We never Shy away from speaking our mind! This department furnishes products to ensure that clients make the best and the most for their business. Our product developer and designers are smart, artistic and solution-oriented professionals having the proven ability to listen, diagnose, solve problems, and read between the lines.


Pens and paper are pulled out to outline the initial vision. Our design team works smartly and light-heatedly to introduce visual design elements to the wireframe. They believe in crafting solutions as a form of communication to tell your narrative.

Business Operations

Departments including -Business Developers, Marketing Research Analysts, LinkedIn Marketing Analysts, Email marketing specialists work together to make the communication direct through their strategic methodologies. It helps them to target the most authentic leads and preclude them from swaying away.


Accelerate your digital transformation with DevOps and SysOps. The blend of a shared code base and automated deploys, test-driven techniques and continuous integration are the major skills of our DevOps Engineers.

Employee Experience

Our recruiting and HR, Accounts and admin teams work together to attack a problem from as many angles as possible to get solutions that employees might never find if going down a single, linear path. Keep moving- we have an atmosphere to build!

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